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Milly Rueda yoga teacher London

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Welcome to vidaYoga.co.uk
We offer creative and inspiring yoga classes to all ages and levels at studios, offices and schools across London. We offer also 1:1 lessons at your home. We combine a variety of asana styles from several yoga schools. We teach a dynamic, graceful and rhythmic Hatha flow; using music, meditation, the voice and breath.

Our philosophy is grounded in the classical yoga teachings of Patanjali.
We teach a style, that allows those ancient teachings expression relevant in our modern urban lives. Yoga is about learning to come back to yourself. It's finding your limits, expanding your boundaries
and being able to truly relax.
It's about taking time to remember
who you are, most of us having forgotten while being caught up
in this fast-paced life style. The practice helps us to achieve
inner stillness, feel joyful, peaceful, stronger within
one-selves, physically fit, energized and more creative.

> Midsummer Cleanse Retreat June 19 - June 21 2015

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